Draycott Place is a management consulting firm composed of seasoned operators from the Mortgage and Specialty (Re)Insurance industries

We leverage our deep sector and operating expertise to enable our clients to take advantage of growth opportunities and solve operational challenges.

We work with our clients to structure our engagements in ways that align our interests with theirs (i.e., we have high confidence in the value we bring and like to have skin in the game with a portion of our fees being at risk).

Our clients tend to be privately held entrepreneurial companies with management teams that are stretched to the max. Often they do not have the bandwidth to pursue a new growth opportunity or build-out industrial grade financial KPIs to analyze the performance of their business.

We are typically deployed as a consulting S.W.O.T team (consultant humor) for short periods of time to complete a strategic project that will have a huge impact on that organization.

What Draycott Place Is

  • Subject matter experts for each engagement we take on
  • Veteran business operators not Ivory Tower dwellers who have not run businesses before
  • Data driven advice-providers
  • Creators of long-term value for the shareholders of our clients
  • Knowledgeable about where the best (and worst) talent in our industries resides to help our clients construct optimal internal teams
  • Matchmakers of highly accretive business partnerships
  • Appliers of new technology to innovate and disrupt specific industries

What Draycott Place Is NOT

  • Bobble-Head Consultants who nod yes to virtually everything our clients say and believe
  • Students of an industry learning on our client’s dime
  • Devisers of Battle Plans to fight an industry’s previous war
  • 30,000 ft strategic thinkers who do not realize that success requires implementation in the weeds
  • Industry agnostic pontificators seeking to be all things to all clients

Types of Engagements

CFO Collaboration

Finance departments are stretched and often have neither the bandwidth nor expertise to create industrial-grade budgets and financial KPI analytics.

Such critical tools enable CEOs to optimize financial performance by focusing on products and markets that drive profitability. By identifying and tracking the key financial drivers, business owners can more clearly understand and explain the company’s financial performance. Such analysis is also critical for raising capital and ultimately positioning the business for a sale.

We leverage our sector knowledge and operating experience to rapidly build-out the analytical tools to optimize shareholder value for our clients. Once in place, these extremely valuable tools can typically be maintained by a client’s existing accounting staff. We’re happy to introduce you to clients who can attest to how we have transformed their financial reporting and analytics capabilities in a matter of weeks and how the project generated an outstanding return on their investment.

Private Equity & Hedge Fund Investment Support

Combining sector expertise with operating experience is critical for identifying flaws in investment hypotheses which might otherwise look great in a slide deck.

In addition to sharing the insights of the Draycott Place team, we leverage our industry contacts confidentially to provide additional value-added perspectives. Our industry contacts also have the potential to become outstanding board of directors candidates post-closing of the transaction.

We call things as we see them. If we disagree with certain elements of an investment proposal we’ll tell you exactly why we have that view.

Having spent years in the private equity world, we understand that consultants need to be move fast and be highly responsive. Once engaged, we maintain a 24/7 mindset (like you do) and always meet the deadlines set by our clients.

Contact us for specific client references.

B2B –Business Development

B2B sales requires connections, credibility, and complex calculations. Our team is well connected within our industries of focus. We know how to create sophisticated sales documents aimed at C-level decision makers.

When you’re pitching to other CEOs, you need more than just high-level assertions that are not supported by rigorous quantitative analysis. In addition to hooking you up with the right potential partner, we provide you with the financial analytics to give your pitch the credibility to move the ball forward. We’ll help you construct a killer pitchbook, and also provide you with a detailed financial model that can be used to manage the project going forward.

We love projects where our value-add is pretty clear –- either you get the new business or you don’t. We’re willing to put the majority of our fees at risk to align our interests with those of our clients.

Strategic M&A

It’s harder for younger entrepreneurial companies to get M&A right. One big reason is that CEOs have a day job and don’t have time to sit in their ivory towers proactively considering M&A targets (not even when they are social distancing).

Often CEOs and boards react to deals that come across their desks rather than driving the process by identifying the right targets in advance.

Our clients retain us to evaluate multiple targets in specific sub sectors upfront on the basis of strategic, operational, and cultural fit. Such processes also inevitably lead to uncovering valuable strategic insights about competitors.

As industry experts who have operated businesses, our insights can help you better position your firm with clients and potentially uncover acquisition targets that could be a great strategic fit.

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